First, to give credit where credit is due: I stole a few of the backgrounds from a pair of paintings by action expressionist Kimberly Conrad. The “looking into the sunrise” painting in the third-to-last panel is by Oliver Johnston.

Anyway, yeah.

1.) I had the script for this comic lying around for over a year. It’s about freaking time already.

2.) It’s been a while since Polly’s made an appearance, huh? Disclaimer: she and I are not actually living together and raising a child — THIS COMIC TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE AND IS NOT CANON. Actually, I figured Polly would be less appalled by the thought of bearing my child of mine than my actual ladyfriend, and would have a harder time throttling me for putting forth the thought.

3.) Sure, the strip is probably guilty of the biased sample fallacy, and it doesn’t take into account the changes undergone by mass media in the last century. But I still think it’s legit. More or less. Sorta.