All I need to know about neuroanatomy I learned from Life Force.

We’re entering the dreariest quarter of the year, folks. In another few weeks the sun will be setting an hour before it rises, all joy and warmth will have deserted this barren world, and all it will take is ONE MORE recording of some adult contemporary asshole trying to hump some pocket change from “Little Drummer Boy’s” dessicated carcass before you lumber into The Gap wearing nothing but a Santa hat, elf booties, and a dynamite vest painted to look like candy canes, resigned to quit this miserable season in a cloud of fire and melted mannequin limbs.

This just isn’t a good time of year for a lot of people is all I’m saying.

So! To help us all palliate our seasonal affective psychoses, I’ll be updating this page every Thursday (the gloomiest day of the week) for the next two months! WHOO! See you in seven days!

(This is also the time of year when custom dictates we purchase gifts for our friends, loved ones, and co-workers. I would point out that purchasing copies of my book for these people will spare you from having to agonize over such decisions for even another moment!)