Midnight update. We on track.

Actually, this comic dates back to last summer. I felt like drawing and asked Miss Mia to give me some ideas. Ever the existentialist, she suggested I draw Sisyphus.

So I started drawing a picture of Sisyphus. But then I thought: instead of drawing a picture, why not draw a comic? After a few minutes, that became INSTEAD OF DRAWING ONE COMIC, WHY NOT DRAW MANY COMICS?! And so I drew a bunch of these things between projects, but never really posted them anywhere.

So yeah, it starts off on a dick joke. Well, come on — the damned don’t wear clothes, and it would be as annoying to restrict the angles from which the main character can be seen as to arbitrarily wedge objects into panels for no reason other than to cover up his anatomy. Thus, it seemed necessary to get the huhr, penis comic out of the way from the get-go. From now on his genitals will only make occasional appearances.

(This is also the only strip with the “jagged” word bubble outline. Ultimately too visually distracting, and has the potential to be complicated and ambiguous when multiple speakers are in the same panel.)

In the meantime: I updated the “book” link to the right. Check it.

See you again on the 21st.